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Maldives travel tips and information

Doctors / Hospitals

An orderly medical care exists only in Male.

Hospitals, the state-of-the-art Indira Gandhi Hospital (Tel. 31 66 47) and two private clinics

  • ADK Hospital (Tel. 32 43 31, Sosun Magu) and
  • AMDC (Tel. 32 59 79, Dharumavantha Magu) are located here.

On some hotel islands, such as Bandos or Kuramathi, there is also a doctor.

Diving accidents

For diving accidents decompression chambers are available on Bandos and Kuramathi.


Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the Maldives. Also in the hotels on Male there is no alcohol.
The hotel islands, however, may serve alcohol to tourists.
The import of alcohol is prohibited.


Harpooning and rod fishing is prohibited on the islands. Fishing is allowed with a rod or leash from Dhoni. There are sometimes offered deep-sea fishing trips.

Working in the Maldives

There is work for foreigners i.d.R. only on the tourist islands. There is no central employment agency. It is therefore necessary to get in contact with the individual managements. A permit from the Ministry of Trade is also required. It is i.d.R. granted a residence permit of initially 6 months. An entry to the job search is not possible and you have to expect the expulsion.

Banks / Currency Exchange

There are some banks on Male (for example Bank of Maldives on Marine Drive). You can also change money at the airport and on the hotel islands. On the hotel islands, however, no national currency is required, the bills are paid in US $ in cash or by credit card. Euros usually have a worse course, and they are not suitable for smaller tips, since coins can not be used by the employees.

Handicapped islands

Few islands have handicapped accessible rooms and paved paths (such as Kurumba). You should inform yourself according to the type of disability in advance in the travel agency.

Embassies / missions / consulates

Representations in Germany l Switzerland / Austria:

Consulate General of the Republic of Maldives
Immanuel-Kant-Straße 16
D-61350 Bad Homburg v. D.
Tel. (06172) 862 93

Honorary Consulate
Weimarer Str. 104
A-1190 Vienna
Tel. 01 3696644-0


This is where the consulates in Germany or Austria are responsible.

Federal Foreign Office Bonn Unit 340, Adenauer Allee 99-103, D-5300 Bonn, 1 Tel. (02 28) 1 70

Honorary Consulate for Germany in the Maldives
39 Orchid Magu
20215 Male
Phone: 3323080

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Sri Lanka (also responsible for the Maldives):
40, Alfred House Avenue, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Tel. 58 04 31

Republic of Austria
EP-13, Chandergupt Marg
110021 New Delhi
Tel .: 09111-6889050
Fax 6886929

Consulate in the Maldives, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Marine Drive, - Male, Republic of Maldives, Tel. 32 34 04-05


For entry from Europe you need a passport that is valid for at least six months. (very important !!!) Children need a children's ID with photo. A four-week valid visa is issued free of charge upon entry. The visa can be limited to max. 90 days are extended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Tel. 32 34 04-05) in Male (two passport pictures required). A longer visa is very difficult to get and will i.d.R. for study purposes only by special permission from the Department of Immigration and Emigration. (Sonsun Magu, Male).


The possession or consumption of drugs is of course prohibited in the Maldives! The penalties for disregard are very high.


The prices on the hotel islands are sometimes twice as high as in Male. One should therefore wait with the bulk purchase until a visit to Male, which is offered by most hotel islands for a few dollars. Cigarettes are cheaper in the Maldives, otherwise there is little to buy in the Maldives besides the usual duty-free items. The customs rules should be respected in any case as the customs officers in the Maldives are very strict. Sweets such as Chocolates should definitely be brought from home as they are very expensive. It should also be noted that the import of black coral and tortoiseshell in Germany is prohibited.

Friday is considered a holiday in the Maldives and most shops are closed that day. It should also be noted that there may be changes in opening hours during the fasting
month of Ramadan.

Entry requirements

Apart from a valid passport (validity 6 months after departure) no further documents are required for the direct arrival from Europe. Upon entry, a 30-day visa is issued. An extension to 90 days is only possible with the Department of Immigration (passport pictures required). Foreigners working in the Maldives receive special visas.

Vaccination certificates are only required for visitors in whose countries Chorela and Geldfieber are common.

Pay particular attention to customs regulations; the controls of Maldivian customs officials are very strict.

The import of alcohol, drugs and pornographic literature is prohibited - even newspapers or magazines with "topless" shots are already considered pornography. Dogs, pigs and pork products are prohibited. For bringing other pets you need a special permit.

The authorities have also indicated that they will no longer confiscate confiscated goods until they leave the country, but will destroy them in the future.

To eat and drink

In most of the older guides it is said that in the Maldives there are only fish and fruits and vegetables to eat. This depends primarily on the hotel island. There are many hotel islands that offer a rich and varied buffet. In addition, the trend is currently very clear in the direction of luxury resorts, where in terms of food almost everything is possible at the appropriate price.

Public holidays

In addition to their national holidays, the Maldivians also have the Islamic holidays on which nobody works and the shops are closed. Friday is generally considered a public holiday. National holidays are 1st and 2nd January = New Year, 25.1 = Huravee Day, 26 + 27.7 = Independence Day, 3.11 = National Holiday, 11 + 12.11 = Republic Day. The Islamic holidays have no fixed dates, but shift annually.


The Maldives is a strictly Islamic country and naturism is therefore officially prohibited and if disregarded high punishment (up to US $ 1000 or even expulsion). This also applies to "topless". Even though some hotels overlook this, one should not rely on it and respect the religious restrictions.

When visiting a native island (also times) you should also pay attention to shoulder and knee covering clothes.

Airport fee

The airport fee is currently z. US $ 12.00 and is often already paid by the organizer for package tours.


The official means of payment in the Maldives is the Maldivian rupee, Rufiyaa (RF), which has 100 Laari. Unofficial means of payment is the US $. On the hotel islands you rarely need cash, as i.d.R. only invoices will be signed, which will be paid once a week or at the end of the holiday. As a means of payment in addition to cash US $ traveler checks and credit cards. You should start with a few smaller dollar bills for the first tips at the airport or on the island. The euro is now also accepted on many islands (often at a worse rate), but in particular the employees can only start with bills - it therefore lends itself to smaller tipping dollars. As always, valuables should be stored in the hotel safe.

The national currency may not be imported or exported. Foreign exchange may be introduced indefinitely.


Pets are not allowed to be brought along. A special permit can be issued at great expense by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Marry in the Maldives

A civil marriage is only possible for members of the Muslim faith. There is no christl. Churches. A man who wants to marry a Maldivian woman has to convert to the Islamic faith, in the opposite case, this should recently be necessary.

Certificate of solvency, proof of debt, marriage must after isl. Law, children have Maldivian citizenship, all documents must be in English.
However, many hotels offer wedding ceremonies or celebrations in a variety of configurations.


With direct arrival z.Z no vaccinations are prescribed. Often sufficient protection of tetanus and polio, as well as hepatitis A vaccination is recommended. In special cases a gamma-globulin immunization is recommended.

Since the Maldives z.Z. As malaria-free prophylaxis is not necessarily required. However, a tropical medicine counseling center should be contacted in advance.

The current status please inquire with the appropriate tropical institutes.

Lease or buy islands

All islands belong to the state and can maled. Nationals are leased. Foreigners can only lease islands if they want to invest in the tourist area and the island is released for tourism.


Many islands now have internet access or even offer an internet cafe.

In Male there is the Dhivehinet Cyber ​​Cafe, as well as the telephone company Dhiraagu, which offers access for a fee.

Investing in the Maldives

The dt. Honarkonsul in Bad Homburg or the Ministry of Commerce (Foreign Investment Service Bureau) provides documents.


The Maldives are u.U. It is also a good destination for families with children, but keep in mind that most hotels are not designed for children. A care for small children is offered only on a few islands.

Credit cards

Major credit cards are accepted quickly everywhere.

Maldives fever

Partially on the islands this fever occurs, which is probably caused by a virus. It is noticeable by body aches and high fever. Strongly antipyretic agents, as well as vitamin C and a lot of water, however, make it disappear after 3-4 days.


It should take everything necessary, as medicaments are often difficult to get. In Male and on some hotel island also doctors are available. It is advisable to conclude a travel health insurance, as the German health insurance for i.d.R. do not arise. The following medications are recommended: Flu u. antipyretic analgesics, drugs for diarrhea, fire u. Ointment, ear drops, ointment against mosquito bites, burns u. Allergies, patches. For medicaments that could be classified by the authorities asmedicaments, a certificate should be taken.

Opening hours

The shops are open from 7:00 to 22:00.
The market is open all day and the fish market is around 15: 00-19: 00.
Banks and offices are open from 7:00 to 13:00.

Friday is public holiday and during Ramadan's fasting month opening hours may change.


The post office in Male is located on the Chandani Magu.
Opening hours 7: 30-13: 30 16: 00-17: 30, Friday is closed.

Also on the hotel islands the mail is forwarded, a letter needs about 2 weeks to Europe.

Private room

If you like cheap and on your own in the Maldives would like to stay in Male simple private rooms without much comfort. This is also possible on the local islands, but a special permit is required.

In the meantime, there are also some islands that are run on the principle of simple guesthouses.

Travel time

The Maldives can be traveled all year round. The main travel season is the organizers' winter months until April. In the summer (June / July) there are strong storms in the Maldives due to the south-west monsoon and statistically more rain falls. As written under the point "Weather", there is always deviation from this statistic.

Travel without organizer

A trip without a tour operator requires much more initiative. It must be taken up contact with the appropriate hotel island. It is recommended to request a booking confirmation which may need to be presented upon arrival. Furthermore, especially in the peak season November - March on a confirmation not be waived. A price advantage over. A package tour you usually only if you are very cheap to the flights.


The national language is Dhivehi, but English is understood almost everywhere.


220-240 volt alternating current with mostly three-pole English sockets.


A dive center is available on every island. Diving in the Maldives without lifejacket is strictly prohibited. Diving courses are often cheaper than in Germany offered (depending on the dollar rate and the dive center).


Taxis are only available on a regular basis, usually faster on foot. If you do not know the way or have a lot of luggage, a taxi offers.

To phone

Telephone calls are from the hotel islands, with phone cards in public payphones or at the telephone company Dhiraagu. Especially on the hotel islands, this is not a cheap treat. You may want to send an e-mail if possible.

For some time, mobile phones have been operating in the Maldives. The telephone company Dhiraagu has signed roaming contracts with many European providers.


Tips are naturally also taken in the Maldives.
For room boys and waiters are in each case about 10 US $ per week appropriate, luggage carriers get about 1 US $.


The air and water temperature in the Maldives is constant throughout the year between 29-31 C and 28-29 C.

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