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Baa Atoll Hotels & Resorts, Maldives

Compare prices for the best Baa Atoll hotel accommodations

Find the best Maladweep (Maldives) hotel deal and save your cash for Diving, Fishing, Snorkeling, Beach and Canoeing

  • Baa Atoll: 50 properties found

  • 3 reasons to visit: relaxation, snorkeling & diving


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  • Equa Reef Maldives
  • Equa Reef Maldives
    Offering a restaurant and free bikes, Equa Reef Maldives is located just 1.9 mi from the Gan International Airport. Free WiFi access is available, Airport shuttle (free), Private beach area .
    Good for couples – they rated the facilities 9.2 for two-person stays.

    Baa Atoll, Maldives Map
    Baa Atoll
    Country Maldives
    Archipelago Maldives
    Location Indian Ocean
    Number of islands 75
    Capital Eydhafushi
    Population 9578
    Time zone UTC + 5

    Baa is a Maldivian subdivision made up of the entire Goidhoo Atoll and the South Maalhosmadulu Atoll.

    There are significant populations of whale sharks, manta rays and sea turtles, but also a variety of rare and unique benthic fauna such as the pink filigree coral Distichopora nitida, mosses of the genus Bugula or sea snails of the species Tambja olivaria. In addition, there is a high number of special reef forms

    Thulhaadhoo Island is known for its paint craftsmanship throughout the country. In addition to craftsmanship, tuna fishing and boat building are the main industries of the population. Tourism plays an important role, even though there are far fewer resorts than in the metropolitan atolls.

    Inhabited islands
    The following inhabited islands belong to the atoll:

    Dharavandhoo, Dhonfanu, Eydhafushi, Fehendhoo, Fulhadhoo, Goidhoo, Hithaadhoo, Kamadhoo, Kendhoo, Kihaadhoo, Kudarikilu, Maalhos, Thulhaadhoo

    Uninhabited islands
    The following uninhabited islands belong to the atoll:

    Ahivaffushi, Aidhoo, Anhenunfushi, Bathalaa, Bodufinolhu, Boifushi, Dhakendhoo, Dhandhoo, Dhigufaruvinagandu, Dhunikolhu, Enboodhoo, Fehenfushi, Finolhas, Fonimagoodhoo, Fulhadhoorah kairi finonolhu, Funadhoo, Gaagandufaruhuraa, Gaavillingili, Gemendhoo, Hanifaru, Hanifarurah, Hibalhidhoo, Hirundhoo, Horubadhoo, Hulhudhoo, Innafushi, Kanifusheegaathu finolhu, Kanifushi, Kashidhoogiri, Keyodhoo, Kihaadhufaru, Kihavah-huravalhi, Kudadhoo, Kunfunadhoo, Landaa Giraavaru, Lunfares, Maaddoo, Maafushi, Maamaduvvari, Maarikilu, Madhirivaadhoo, Medhufinolhu, Mendhoo, Milaidhoo, Miriandhoo, Muddhoo, Muthaafushi, Nibiligaa, Olhugiri, Thiladhoo, Ufuligiri, Undoodhoo, Vakkaru, Velivarufinolhu, Veyofushee, Vinaneih-faruhuraa, Voavah

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